Corrupt JPEG Checker for Windows

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~ by thomasbarker on May 29, 2011.

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  1. works great, very clean, would love to have your newer unicode version asap

  2. All done and works. Thanks.

  3. Same here :(
    Any plan to have an updated version that support special characters?

    thanks a lot!!

  4. Any update for the Windows re-release, or at least post the old version until you get the new one up? It’s been 3+ months since you took down the download link. Thanks in advance.

  5. Any update on when you will be releasing the Windows version again please? Thanks,

  6. Hey! I’m awaiting the author coding the new version for Windows.Thanks!

  7. Aww. I’ve been looking for a program just like this, but the download link has been removed. :(

    • Yes for the moment. I am working on a new windows version, when I get time that is. For the moment the only version available is via the Mac App Store.

      • I don’t know why you’d remove the old version. I’d take an old version over nothing. I can’t seem to find a tool like yours anywhere and I’ve been using Google-fu for almost an hour. LOL

        • I wasn’t happy with it and the donation model was not working. While I don’t expect to make a lot of money from this application, it would be nice to cover costs at least.

          That was the reason I wrote this application a couple of years ago.

  8. Any update on this? This is a handy little tool for one to have in their tool bag :p

  9. I recently came across your website when searching the web for a method to check for JPEG corruption that did not involve actually looking at each and every picture.

    I’ve noticed a few corruptions lately that seem to have been caused by bit-rot. I’ve since moved to a ZFS storage array that should prevent future problems, but:

    1. I would like to check all existing photos (> 30,000) to see which ones are already corrupted in case I have an offline backup to restore from, and

    2. I would like to perhaps run this check on the ZFS array from time to time to ensure it’s working as expected.

    I successfully used your tool, and it returned a list of over 500 images as corrupted. Unfortunately (fortunately!) the few I have manually checked so far from the list are not, in fact, corrupt.

    Can I provide you these pictures to use for debugging with your tool? I think there is much value to your tool and I’d love to support you in making it better.

    • Just to follow up, I did finish auditing the list produced from your application. I found 56 actual corruptions out of the 525 (11%). I’ve also written a blog article on my experience with the corruption, data storage techniques, and your application:

      • Hi, yes I would very much like those images to continue development with. I suspect my code detected there was an issue with the image and flagged it as such, possibly a minor one and not affecting the image visually.

        My email address can be found at:

        • Just a follow up, Jacob has kindly provided those images and I have taken a look. The 56 files were in fact visually corrupt and the other contained invalid or corrupt meta. Therefore I stick by the fact both are corrupt.

          I have amended the program to output whether it believes the image is visually or meta corrupt.

  10. How to delete after

    My decision in haste on php

    function delete_broken_files($data_filename){
    if (file_exists( $data_filename ) ){
    $data = file($data_filename);

    foreach( $data as $line ){
    $line_parts = explode(‘, CorruptJPEGChecker.exe’, $line);
    if (count($line_parts) > 1){
    unlink( $line_parts[0] );
    echo ‘delete ‘ . $line_parts[0] . “\n”;

    • Any simple program to parse line by line and issue a delete will do this, however I will incorporate this into the next version.

  11. Hey guys, I now have a little more time and I will be working on the following list of suggestions:
    1.unicode support(strong suggestion)
    2.output to screen
    3.short parameters for input
    5.ability to move files upon corrupt detection
    6.ability to delete files upon corrupt detection

    Also feel free to donate, it gives me the motivation and the feeling that I am doing something worthwhile.

  12. Thanks for sharing this post. I checked this tool & found that my JPEG files are get corrupted. How can I repair my corrupt files?

  13. I have many problems with jpeg-files: after a bad HD i become serious faults> corrupt files! I have looked on internet and I found your site: because (?) i have Windows 7 i can’t start the program after installing the software. This problem is also written on september 2 2012 (see herefore). Can you inform me how to solve my problem(s)?
    Thank you!

    • I wrote this software in Windows 7, it works fine. Depending on the file permissions you may need to run it with elevated permissions however, starting an admin cmd first.

  14. Hello,
    Thanks for a great software. It works fine and fast but I found one problem. It cannot read a file which contains multi-byte characters in its path. It says like this: “e:\photos\MULTIBYTE.JPG, CorruptJPEGChecker.exe: UnableToOpenBlob `e:\photos\MULTIBYTE.JPG': No such file or directory @ error/blob.c/OpenBlob/2589″
    (I have more than 20,000 photos having japanese directory name)
    Could you solve this problem?

    • Yep this is something I intend to address now the weather is cold and I will be staying inside a lot more :)

  15. Thanks, works great. How to delete them after you have got them as a CSV?

    • It is pretty simple to parse a CSV and delete them yourself but I will be adding this option shortly.

  16. Is it possible to support unicode directories?
    I tried to called a directory called “Nürburgring” and got the following error:

    CJC.exe: UnableToOpenBlob `E:\1\Nürburgring\1.jpg : No such file or directory @ error/blob.c/OpenBlob/2589

    By the way, this really is a great app!

  17. again…
    6.import jpgs path from list
    7. …

  18. very good tool !!!!!

    1.unicode support(strong suggestion)
    2.single file check above(2),output to screen
    4.short parameters name, for key in
    5.64bit for future
    6. …

  19. Very nice tool indeed.
    I have been looking for something like this.

    But there is a problem with the tool, it is unable to open files with accented characters in it. As an example i have a test file named “test-å.jpg”
    I get the error:
    Test-å.jpg, CorruptJPEGChecker.exe: UnableToOpenBlob `Test-å.jpg': No such file or directory @ error/blob.c/OpenBlob/2589

    It would be very nice if this error could be fixed. The tool is pretty useless for me otherwise.
    PS: I use accented characters in both filnames and i directory names.

  20. Great program, but when scanning files in directories with e.g. ä … the program reports: No such file or directory @ error/blob.c/OpenBlob/2589

    Thanks, Robert

  21. Actually, I was able to use the output, as a CSV, remove all characters after the “,” and then delete all those files ! Thanks !

  22. It will be nice if the program can output to a different format so the output file can be use to actually delete the files…


  23. Awesome, been looking for a decent command line utility to do this neatly – thanks

  24. Hi, fantastic program… could you upload the code? I seem to have a problem with reading files with UNC code letters “ä” in the file name.

  25. Hi,
    I’m running Windows 7 (x86), and trying running your app just gets your program menu up on the screen for a fraction of a second, and nothing happens thereafter. I have the new version of Visual Studio installed on my PC, and can’t figure out what is missing.

  26. Hi Thomas clever tool

    Do you have a similar tool for pdf, doc, or xls,files.

    And just as a long shot I have a I phone G3 that has a misplaced password do have any tools or know of any tools that could help with recovering it? I do have forensics tools for the I-Phone
    but amazingly they have to have the password in order to recovery them. Thanks for the tool B Smitt

  27. Hi,
    nice tool but have a problem with Unicode file names – can’t even open such files:
    d:\pics\friends\????? 135.jpg, CorruptJPEGChecker.exe: UnableToOpenBlob `d:\pics\friends\????? 135.jpg': No such file or directory @ error/blob.c/OpenBlob/2589

  28. hello from France, great app.
    i notice a strange error message “UnableToOpenBlob” when the jpg filename contains accentued caracters like éàè… It seems to not find the file and generate an error.

  29. Hi,
    great program. I’ve 90gb of pictures, most of them are duplicated and some duplicates are defect. Used it to check through the pictures and used the outputfile to move the defect pictures into a collection folder. Now i’ve 3000 defect files i don’t need
    anymore and can run a deduplication to clean up my picture folder.
    Using a dual-core you can get much better performance by rising up the ‘-concurrence’ value to e.g. 4 or 8


  30. The dll you are talking about is part of the Visual studio 2010 runtime distributable as found here:

    I will update the article.

    CJC vs corruptJPEGChecker, a fair point I will update it.

  31. Got it to work by installing the 32-bit, 16-bit image, static version off this page: (

  32. This could be great, but I’m getting a missing DLL error (mfc100.dll). I can’t run the app. Note also that the app is called cjc.exe in the dowload, so you might want to update your example command line script.

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